Our Company

For more than 30 years F.J. Brodmann & Co., L.L.C. has supplied high performance materials and engineering know-how to the aerospace, space, automotive, marine, electronic, petrochemical, paper, 3D printing, mining, metal, refractory, and advanced material industries throughout the United States and the world. The company is ISO 9002 certified and specializes in the manufacturing of powders from metal and metal alloys, carbides, cermets, ceramics, glass, advanced materials and polymer base feed stock materials. The powders are processed to meet the specifications for FloMasterTM thermal spray products (TS), CotMasterTM thermoset powder coatings (PC), SpaceMasterTM functional fillers (FF), LubMasterTM solid lubrications (SL), BlasMasterTM shot peening and blasting media (BM), PacMasterTM pack diffusion mixtures (PD), PresMasterTM compaction powder (PP), and 3D laser printing applications.

At the newly constructed fully climatized powder manufacturing facility in Harvey (suburb of New Orleans), Louisiana the company processes and inventories over 450 different powders, and also disseminates thermal spray wire and rod products for the entire line of thermal spray equipment sold by Alamo, Bay State, Cronatron, Demeton, Eutectic, Marco, Miller Thermal, Mogul, Norton/Rokide, Stellite, SNMI, Sulzer-Metco, Tafa, Tekna, UTP, Praxair, Wall Colmonoy, and Whitco/Plazjet. The company tailors the particle size and/or shape properties of the FloMasterTM powders to meet the specific requirements of the various thermal spray systems such as flame (F), plasma (P), high velocity oxygen fuel (HV), plasma transferred arc (PTA), cold spraying (CS) and laser cladding (LC). The CotMasterTM powder  products are designed for either electrostatic (ES) or fluidized bed (FB) processing. SpaceMasterTM (FF), PresMasterTM (PP), and BlasMasterTM (BM) products are manufactured from any of the current powder

F. J. Brodmann & Co., L.L.C. specializes in the processing of hazardous material compositions for biomedical, semi / superconductors and high performance TS, PC, FF, SL, BM, MIM, HIP applications as well as manufactures composites from ceramic, metal, and polymer base powders. The hazardous material compositions include titanium and titanium alloys, zinc, zirconium, tantalum, rhenium, and niobium powders. Special alloys, amorphous compounds, quasi-crystaline phases, dispersion strengthened, and nanophase powders are synthesized by a patented solid state alloying process.

The company markets its products worldwide and offers same day shipment with overnight delivery to most U.S. destinations. Domestic and international purchase orders can be placed either via the website at www.fjbco.com or faxed to (800) 825-5352. All major credit cards are accepted for payments.

A 24 hour technical service is provided by calling (504) 460-4365.